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Boston Microblading

  /  Boston Microblading

Let Amaci Salon Help with Your Boston Microblading Needs

Eyebrow maintenance requires patience and precision. To those who want well-defined brows without having to do daily eyebrow makeup application, one of the most effective ways to do so is through microblading. Curious about how this works? Read along and see how Amaci Salon’s expert estheticians can help with your Boston microblading needs.


What is Microblading?

boston microbladingMicroblading is a type of cosmetic procedure that adds pigments under the skin with the help of needles. Also called micro-stroking or feathering, microblading mimics the look of well-defined brows so that clients can have natural-looking brows without having to use makeup every day.

In a way, microblading is a type of eyebrow design method. It doesn’t have a fixed brow shape that will be applied to everyone. Instead, each client may have unique brows that depend on the shape and structure of one’s face.

The tool used in microblading doesn’t technically penetrate the skin. Instead, it carefully scratches the surface to implant light strokes with pigments on the epidermis. This creates fine and realistic-looking hair strokes on the skin.


Microblading versus Microshading and Eyebrow Tattoos?

Unlike eyebrow tattoos, microblading and microshading are only temporary pigment implants on the skin. They last from 12-18 months, depending on the skin quality and skin color of the client.

While microblading and microshading may both be temporary, they differ in terms of the type of effect they have on the eyebrows. Microblading offers a more realistic look, while microshading has a much softer finish. Both of these methods can be applied separately, but estheticians also apply them together for a more full and natural finish.


How Does Microblading Work?

Microblading may look easy, but the overall process requires skill and experience. It is essential to only deal with skilled estheticians to reduce the risk of sloppy-looking brows and a painful Boston microblading experience. Here is how the general microblading process works:

·         Shaping

The estheticians will shape the brow by threading and cleaning up the eyebrow area for treatment. Depending on the face shape and structure of the face, the eyebrow shape may vary.

·         Numbing

A topical ointment will be applied and be left alone for 40 minutes. This ointment will numb the skin so that the procedure will not be painful for the patient. As the ointment starts its numbing effects on the face, the client may discuss the color and shade of their brow with their estheticians.

·         Area Measurement

Before the numbing cream starts to work fully, the esthetician can begin measuring the treatment area to finalize the brow shape and location. This method requires consideration for the facial features, shape, and symmetry.

·         Needling Process

The esthetician will begin to lightly implant the pigment using skilled strokes. The strokes will result in lines where the pigments will set in. Depending on the pain that the patient will experience during the procedure, it is possible to add more numbing cream to areas of discomfort.

·         Final Pigment Application

After applying the final layer of color pigment, the esthetician should leave it alone for 5 minutes. After which, they will proceed to clean the area before letting the patient go.

·         Check-up and Touch-ups

After about 6-8 weeks, the patient can come back to do a session with the esthetician to check if the microblading process went well and fill any gaps if some pigments did not properly set in. They will also check if there were pigments that didn’t heal properly.


Dos and Don’ts Before and After the Microblading Session

There are things that patients should observe before and after having a microblading session. Here are some of the most important details to remember:


Before Microblading

  • Refrain from waxing, tweezing, picking, or having electrolysis at least one week before the microblading session.
  • Lessen sun exposure by avoiding direct sunlight and sunbeds
  • Avoid having facials or peels at least two weeks before the treatment
  • Refrain from having Botox at least three weeks before the microblading session
  • Refrain from using Vitamin A or retinol products a month prior the treatment
  • Avoid natural blood thinners like fish oil and Vitamin E one week before the treatment


After Microblading

  • Wash the eyebrow gently with antibacterial soaps for a week. Make sure that the soap is rinsed completely, and then pat the area until dry.
  • Refrain from using cleansers containing exfoliants and acids for 7 days.
  • Apply a light amount of rosehip or coconut oil to the brows in the morning and at night.

It is important to remember that one’s desired brows will not appear overnight. After the microblading treatment, the brows may look too dark, and scabbing or fading may occur. These are natural, but patients may approach their estheticians for more questions about their Boston microblading.


Get Your Desired Brows with Amaci Salon’s Boston Microblading

For all your microblading needs in Boston, choose Amaci Salon! Get the best experience with our skilled estheticians and achieve the eyebrow shape you so desire.

Contact us at 617-292-0202 or send an email to [email protected] to know more. You can also click here to book your appointment today.