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Boston Brazilian Wax

  /  Boston Brazilian Wax

Get the Best Boston Brazilian Wax at Amaci Salon

The first thing people will think of when they hear “Brazilian Wax” is that it’s painful—but there’s a reason why people regularly come back for more. While this grooming method may not initially be a walk in the park, it is quick, convenient, and lasts longer than regular shaving.

No longer will people need to think about daily upkeep, razor burns, and having a sharp tool near a sensitive area in the body. Now, there will be a long time in between grooming, and the skin will end up feeling softer and neater. Read along to know more about Amaci Salon’s Boston Brazilian Wax services.


What is Brazilian Wax?

boston brazilian waxBrazilian wax refers to a pubic grooming process that uses hot wax to remove the hair in front of the pubic bone, between the upper thighs, around the outer genital area, and around the anus.

When people hear “Brazilian wax,” they think that this process removes all visible hair in the area concerned. However, this depends on the preference of the client. The client may be fully bare, or they can ask their trusted esthetician to leave a small strip of hair if they want.


What are the Benefits of Getting a Brazilian Wax?

Apart from removing hair, is there any other reason why people should have a Brazilian Wax? Absolutely! Brazilian wax doesn’t just rid a part of the body of all traces of hair. These are some of the other benefits of getting a Boston Brazilian wax:

·         It exfoliates the skin.

When people have Brazilian wax, their skin gets physical exfoliation. The dead skin cells on the top layer of the skin get removed, increasing collagen production. Exfoliation is a day or two before the actual Brazilian wax (but not on the day itself). Maintaining the Brazilian wax after the service also requires exfoliation at least every other day to prevent ingrown hairs.

·         It lessens skin irritation.

When using normal grooming methods like shaving, it’s incredibly easy to have unwanted bumps, rashes, and other forms of skin irritation. With a Brazilian wax, the process makes skin irritation less likely to happen.

·         This pulls the hair from the root.

A Brazilian wax pulls the hair down from the root. This may be painful at first, but it makes the hair grow softer and thinner than before. This also makes the subsequent Brazilian wax appointments more manageable and less uncomfortable.

How Does the Brazilian Wax Process Go?

Here are the general steps one should expect when having a Boston Brazilian Wax treatment:

  • Getting the hair length right – Before having the Brazilian wax treatment, it is recommended for people get the hair length right. The hair in the area shouldn’t be too short, but it shouldn’t be too long either. The ideal hair length is around ¼ inch, probably around the same size as a sprinkle.
  • If the hair is too short, it’s recommended to come back after a certain time has passed. If it’s too long, the estheticians can trim the hair until the desired length is met.
  • Wax Preparation– The wax shouldn’t be too hot or too cold. Otherwise, it can lead to an ineffective pull. The grooming process can be faster and less painful with the right hair length and properly prepared hot wax,
  • Wax Application – Apply the wax starting from the least sensitive part of the body (thighs) and moving up to the more sensitive parts for every pull. The wax is applied and stroked against the hair growth direction.
  • The Pull – Once the wax is solid and ready, the corners are peeled to get a good grip. The wax or cloth is ripped in the opposite direction of the hair growth. The process repeats until the estheticians get the desired result.


Things to Remember When Getting a Boston Brazilian Wax

Remember that proper maintenance is needed before and after the procedure to get the best result. Here are some of the most important things to remember when getting a Boston Brazilian wax:

  • Do not shave before the session. Make sure the hair is at least a quarter of an inch long before going to the appointment.
  • Shower and rinse before the appointment, but do not exfoliate on the day of the appointment. Do not apply oils or lotions as well as these may impede the wax’s grip.
  • Do not drink coffee or alcohol before the appointment. These can tighten the pores and make the process painful.
  • Avoid scheduling the wax session during one’s period as it can heighten pain sensitivity.
  • After the session, avoid tight-fitting underwear or pants to avoid chafing.
  • Avoid any sweaty activity for at least a day after the session.
  • Exfoliate the skin every other day 72 hours after the appointment.


Professional Boston Brazilian Wax Services by Amaci Salon

Amaci Salon is one of the best salons when it comes to Boston Brazilian wax. Grooming your pubic area is now easy and comfortable with the help of our experienced and skilled estheticians.

Contact us today at 617-292-0202 or send an email to [email protected] to know how we can help you!